Tired of eating at the same restaurants every weekend? We’ve got you covered! We asked some of our employees in our 18 locations throughout southern Illinois to recommend their favorite local restaurants. Without further ado, here is ISS’ 31 top restaurants in Southern Illinois! Enjoy!


1. The Gaby Goat American Pub & Grill | Effingham, IL

A bar can have great food, but nothing beats Gabby Goat’s unique twist to every single item on their menu. If you’re looking for a place with great atmosphere and unique, delicious food, take a trip to Effingham!


2. Luke’s Bar & Grill | Altamont, IL

Not only will you find delicious food here, but if you visit on the weekend you may also run into one of their awesome concerts!


3. Stadium Grill | Mattoon, IL

Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Try it, and fall in love with it!


4. The Alamo | Mattoon, IL

Known to have “the best ribeye and prime rib in town”, The Alamo is the place to go if you’re craving delicious meat.


5. Angelo’s Pizza | Mattoon, IL

Even though the pizza’s are great here, Angelo’s Pizza is widely known for their amazing spaghetti!


6. What’s Cooking! | Charleston, IL 

Known for it’s homemade strawberry bread, this is a must-visit during breakfast time!


7. Top of Roc’s | Charleston, IL

If you’re looking for a place with great atmosphere and amazing wings, Top of Roc’s is your spot!


8. Pagliai’s Pizza | Charleston, IL 

This family owned and operated restaurant is a favorite of all the EIU college students. People leave EIU and crave this place!


9. Paco’s Sol Bistro | Decatur, IL

Recently recognized with the “Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination Award, this restaurant lives up to it’s hype.


10. Pastabilities Italian Grill | Decatur, IL

Great atmosphere, great food, great price. If you are an ice cream lover, be sure to stop by their gelato area!


11. The Gin Mill | Decatur, IL

Fine dining, great atmosphere, and known for it’s delicious steaks!


12. The Beach House | Decatur, IL

Fine dining, excellent food, and a beautiful view. Perfect for a date night!


13. Taproot | Decatur, IL

Going out with friends? Taproot is for you! Not only is the atmosphere great and modern, but there is something on the menu for everyone! From quinoa to pork, you’ve got it all.


14. Bella Milano’s | Springfield, IL

Looking for quality, authentic Italian food? Bella Milano’s is known for their delicious italian meals!


15. Lake Point Grill | Springfield, IL

Though their entire menu is delicious, you’ll want to try their pizzas and famous pad thai!


16. Kramers Kitchen | Princeton, IL

Family owned & operated restaurants serves amazing sandwiches hot & cold.


17. Uptown Bar & Grill | LaSalle, IL

This family owned & operated restaurant is known for it’s fresh seafood, and great selection of wine!


19. B.A.S.H. Burger & Sushi House | Ottawa, IL

Date night? Can’t decide on burgers or sushi? BASH offers BOTH along with amazing quality and great atmosphere!


20. Corner 230 | Ottawa, IL

Whatever you do, be sure to try their burgers! They definitely live up to the hype.


21. Valentine’s | Freeburg, IL

The prime rib, seasoned rice, and chicken tortilla soup is a must-try!


22. Blue Room | Nashville, IL

BURGERS ARE A MUST. People travel from all over for this “hole-in-the-wall” spot!


23. Lantern Pub | Ashley, IL

The $5 lunch special offers an unbeatable price without compromising quality!


24. Burettas Bar & Grill | Nashville, IL

Great place to come and sit in. Be sure to try their homemade potato chips and burgers!


25. Java Connection | Rantoul, IL

If you’re looking for a place to have great coffee, read a book, or chat with some friends, be sue to stop by Java Connection!


26. Ott’s Drive-In | Rantoul, IL


27. Butcher Boy Burgers | Rantoul, IL

(Strawberry Rhubarb Pie). Do we need to say more?


28. Bayern Stube | Gibson City, IL

This restaurant offers a German- atmosphere and delicious food that brings a lot of people come from all over!


29. Lost In Time | Fairbury, IL

Best part about this restaurant? Not only is their food great, but they also have a bakery with a wide selection of fresh-baked items!


30. Benchwarmers | Fairbury, IL

If you’re looking for a laid back spot to grab a great lunch, Benchwarmers offers delicious food and excellent prices!