You landed a big interview. You get through the nerve-wrecking hour-long interview. Now what?

Many job seekers neglect the power of following-up after a job interview. Sometimes, following up after an interview will be that one thing that sets you apart from any other candidate! It’s important to note that each position- and company- is different. Therefore, some ways of following up will be more appropriate for certain companies.

Here’s some simple rules for following up after an interview:

1. Send a thank you note. 

Consider sending a handwritten thank you note. By handwriting them, you are making it more personalized and it really shows you took some time to thank them for their time. If you’re currently applying in multiple places, try to keep a box of thank you note cards and a book of stamps handy.

2. “Thank You” email. 

If you don’t feel comfortable sending a handwritten thank you note, email messages are also perfectly acceptable! We live in a world full of technology and sending email messages will definitely be welcomed. Just keep in mind that whatever way you choose to thank the hiring manager- the most important part is not how you do it, but that you did it.

3. Send it within 24 hours of your interview.

When it comes to job seeking, there is such thing as waiting too long. Make sure your interviewer knows you appreciate their time and are really interested in the position by sending your message within 24 hours of the interview. It will definitely set you apart from the rest of the applicants!

4. Tell the interviewer why you are qualified.

Include in our note why you believe you are qualified for this position and why you would want to work with this specific company. It’s important that you keep it simple and to just a couple of sentences. Remember that managers have pretty busy schedules, so if you write something too long you may run the risk of being overlooked.

5. Mention anything you forgot to say in the interview.

We get it- sometimes the nerves get the best of us! Use this follow up thank you note to mention anything you wish they would like to know about you or your experience.

6. Proof read.

There’s nothing worse than sending your potential employer a thank you note with tons of typo’s on it. Therefore, make sure you take the few extra minutes to proof read your thank you note! Your interviewer will thank you for it.