11. Presidential Poison Taster

George Bush had two former FBI agents taste every one of his dishes during a trip to London. Apparently, multiple Presidents around the world have people taste their meals before.


10.Golf Ball Divers

What if you spent all of your workdays on a golf course? When golfers hit a ball into a water trap, most of them just brush it off and pick up the next white ball. This is exactly when our Professional Golf Ball Divers come in- and rescue the precious golf ball. Best part? They make up to $100,000 annually!


9. Worm Picker

The job of a warm picker starts when everybody else is asleep. They look for worm colonies, select the best, and then sell them to thousands of fishermen around the world! Talk about having a love for worms to survive in this job!


8. Pet Food Tester

Not only does a pet food taster smell and taste animal food, they also chew it to ensure pets eat high-quality food.


7. Professional Sleeper

For all of you sleep-lovers, we’ve found your calling in life! These professional sleepers take part in sleep studies and research and literally have a dream job. Who wouldn’t want to get paid just for sleeping?


6. Shark Tank Cleaner

Cleaning a shark’s tank doesn’t really sound like my dream job, but for those of you fascinated with this sea creature, you might want to start applying!


5. Roadkill Cleaner

Birds, deer, possums, rabbits, squirrels, cats, dogs,and pretty much the corpses of any animal on roads are always an eyesore. The stinky smell of the rotten corpses make this job one of the weirdest. To add to weirdness, some cleaners feed their families on fresh roadkills. (Yikes!)


4. Fortune Cookie Writer

We’ve all gone to an Asian restaurant and wondered who could’ve possibly written these fortune cookies. A fortune Cookie writer needs to be very creative in order to be able to come up with multiple and different foretelling sentences!


3. Vomit Collector

Let’s all take a moment to thank the vomit collectors. Thanks to them, you’re able to have a pleasant experience at Disney or Six Flags without having to smell what someone left behind after a wild ride!


2.Professional Mattress Jumper

I think we’re all sold on this. A job were we can jump on mattresses ALL. DAY. LONG. And judge them? Yes, please!


1. Professional Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker earns more than $170,000 per year ($92,000 on average), according to PayScale.com. Ethical hackers help companies find glitches and weaknesses in their computer systems.