It’s that time of the year again! When it comes to Christmas shopping, most people know exactly what to get for their family & friends- but no idea on what to get (or what is appropriate) for your coworkers. Below are some of our favorite picks for different types of coworkers you may have!

1. Travel Coffee Mug

For that coworker that is always on-the-go, a travel coffee mug is the way to go! (You might even want to throw a Starbucks gift card in there too!)

2. Cards Against Humanity

Nothing makes happy hour more fun than this game! The game consists of matching two cards to make the funniest combination of bizarre verbs and nouns. Trust us, if you want to break the ice with anyone, this hilarious game is the way to go.

3. OtterBox

We all have that one coworker that is always dropping their phone. Save them from completely breaking their phone with this great phone case!

4. Mophie

For that coworker that is always working extra hours and is involved in multiple projects in the community, the Mophie will guarantee their phone will be completely charged the entire day!

5. Whiskey Glass

For that coworker that enjoys a glass of whiskey over the weekend, this glass will make sure their drink stays cold without getting watered down!

6. Cork Bulletin Board

Help your coworker stay organized with this unique bulletin board!

7. Heated Coaster

For that coworker that takes a little longer than usual to drink their coffee/tea.

8. Prescription Coffee Mug

For that coworker that just loves coffee.