1. Read the newspaper. This will allow you to be up-to-date with the latest information and form your own opinions about the articles written. Furthermore, newspapers are a great way to acquire a wide variety of information- not just the ones that you are interested in. 2. Read daily.  The best way- in my opinion- to… Read more »

1. Let your car warm up for only 2-3 minutes. 

More than a minute or two cause long-term wear problems on the car. Try driving it slowly for the first few miles, then drive it normally.

2. Lift up your wiper blades when parked.

In order to prevent your wiper blades from freezing to the glass, leave your wiper blades up when parked unless there is heavy wind in the forecast. That way, you can prevent damaging the transmission for the wiper blades.

3. Always keep your tank at least HALF full. 

This would help eliminate condensation issues in the fuel.  If you get too much water in the fuel, you could end up with a fuel line freeze-up situation.

4. Make sure your windshield washer reservoir is full. 

On a snowy day, you can easily go through half a gallon or more of windshield washer fluid trying to keep your windshield clear.

5. Use cooking spray to prevent your doors from freezing shut. 

Just spray on the edges of the doors then rub them down with a paper towel.


Whether you have been preparing for weeks for this interview or just got a call back a couple of days ago, it’s inevitable that perhaps your interview won’t go as planned. We’ve listed a couple of signs your interview may not be going so well. However, if you do notice these signs, don’t panic! This… Read more »


1. The most popular theory of the Holiday’s origin is that Roman Emperor Claudius II prohibited young men to marry. St. Valentine went against his wishes and performed secret marriages. For his disobedience, Valentine was executed on February 14.   2. Almost 1 Billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most… Read more »


1. What do you have to offer?  Applying for a job? Keep in mind that you have to market yourself. Before you decide where you want to work, decided why you should work there and how you can be of an asset to the company. For example, there could be many applicants with an Accounting degree… Read more »