With everything there is a line.

A simple line, where you have a choice to make. If you choose to cross it and go for it, you may have better results. So why don’t we always choose to cross the line? Well, sometimes maybe this side seems more comfortable, more familiar, and easier. It is easier to stick with what we’ve always done, but then we will only get the results we have always gotten, right? If you rarely give a little more, you really shouldn’t expect to get a little more ever, should you? And don’t we all wish we could have a little more of something good?

June marked a line too. A halfway point. 

June was where that halfway point line is drawn and the midpoint of 2017 was reached. This is also the month when the season officially commits to summer-like weather and the grass gets greener. With that, it is absolutely the perfect month to reflect and take an assessment of the goals we set for ourselves in January. Have we made progress towards them? If we have, we can set new goals and continue on our forward path. If we have not, then we still have time to recommit and get our actions in-line with our goals. We still have time to cross the line of mediocrity and get to where we want to be.

These 3 simple practices will help us on that journey:

  1. Choose to Commit: Make that active choice to improve your chances of reaching your goal and go for it. Write down the actions that will get you there and commit to them. Schedule them. Get them on your calendar. And then carry through.
  2. Work Hard: Good things rarely come easy. Real effort and attention are the fundamentals behind everything. Give it your all and you will be pleased with the results.
  3. Focus: Eliminate your distractions. Time moves quickly and you can’t get it back, so take good care of it. This means you may have to say no sometimes to things that will take you off track towards reaching your goals.

The truth?

We all have 168 hours each week, sleep 8 hours a day and we are left with 112 waking hours. That gives us about 45 working hours and 67 personal hours to make the most of each week.

Make those hours count and plan for success by committing to your individual goals. There is still time to be proud of your 2017 goal accomplishments! Get after it!

– Rosemary Booker, HR Manager