2024 Super Bowl Predictions

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What will be the result of the coin toss?(Required)
What will be the result of the coin toss call?(Required)
How long will it take Reba McEntire to sing the National Anthem?(Required)
How many hotdogs will be sold at the Stadium?(Required)
Which commercial will be shown first?(Required)
Will Taylor Swift be shown during the National Anthem?(Required)
What will be the temperature at kick-off?(Required)
Which iconic Las Vegas landmark will be seen on the broadcast first during the game?(Required)
Will Usher wear sunglasses during his halftime performance?(Required)
When will Usher play his biggest hit single, "Yeah!"?(Required)
Total songs (must include lyrics) played during the halftime show?(Required)
Who will be first to make a guest appearance with Usher during the halftime show?(Required)
What color will be the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach?(Required)
Who will win the Puppy Bowl(Required)
Who will win the Super Bowl?(Required)