1. Drink Water

Drink A LOT of it. Sometimes we overlook the importance of water to our lives, but it is incredible the benefits this mineral has. Did you know that staying hydrated can actually help you be more alert? That’s right.

If you start adapting the habit of drinking water while you work, you will probably feel fuller, too. Many of us may feel the need to eat more when we get stressed out, but if you stay hydrated you can diminish mindless eating.

Furthermore, drinking water will help you speed up your metabolism and clear up your skin!!

So make sure you buy a water bottle you can keep next to you at work and try to drink about 3-5 servings of it throughout your workday.


2. Stand Up and Walk Every 1-2 Hours

The truth is that life after college is probably very sedentary. Most Americans have a job which requires them to be sitting down all day. If you are one of them, simply get up every 1-2 hours and walk around for 2-3 minutes. Not only will it help you clear your mind and refresh, but it will also help your circulation!

Remember- we were not made to be sitting down all day, so our organs and joints require us to walk a certain amount of time every day!


3. Snack Smartly in Between Meals

One of the biggest mistakes people make is eating 3 big meals a day. In order to keep your metabolism going, try eating every 2-3 hours. Therefore, keep snacks at work that are high in protein due to the fact that protein will help you feel fuller and give you a boost of energy! Additionally, you won’t be as hungry when lunch time rolls around, so you will be less likely to over eat.


4. Be Thankful – Keep a Healthy Mindset!

Most of all- no amount of healthy habits will make you feel great if you have a negative mindset! Make sure to take some minutes before your day starts and think about all the things you are thankful for. It will definitely make you a happier, more humble person!