If you’re having trouble finding a new job, here’s something to consider: Recruiters and hiring managers are looking at your social media profiles, and if they don’t like what they see, your chances of getting hired may go down substantially. 

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you in your quest to secure that next position, but only if you come across as a professional and avoid the mistakes that can disqualify you quickly. With studies showing that 84% of employers recruit using social media, and almost half of them screen candidates through social networks, it’s critical you go all out to show your best side. 

With that in mind, here are three social media red flags that could be hampering your efforts to find your next job: 

Hiring managers and recruiters can’t find you on social media 

If hiring companies can’t find you online, it could tell them you have something to hide or you don’t have anything worth showing. So, even not being online makes a wrong first impression. If you want your resume to go on the “keep” pile, set up a searchable Twitter account that shows you in a professional light. If you‘re going to have a personal account you keep private, that’s fine. Just be sure you’re putting your best foot forward on the professional account. 

You’re on social media but not doing anything with it 

Being on social media isn’t a set-it-and-forgetit thingRecruiters want to see you are continuously engaged with news and professional development as they pertain to your industry. They want to know you are both learning from and influencing others in your field. 

Your resume only touches the surface of your capabilities, and a job interview can’t cover all of them, either. But through your social media presence, you have the opportunity to display all the skills and potential you bring to the table. 

You are purchasing fake Twitter followers 

You can buy fake followers to boost your social media presence and impress others. Unfortunately for you, recruiters and hiring managers can see through the deception, and you’ll lose credibility from the get-go.  

You’re better off having a few dozen followers who are genuine influencers and engaging in your industry than to have thousands of fake followers who are contributing nothing to social media presence. 

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