1. What do you have to offer? 

Applying for a job? Keep in mind that you have to market yourself. Before you decide where you want to work, decided why you should work there and how you can be of an asset to the company.

For example, there could be many applicants with an Accounting degree but if you are applying for a multi-national company, perhaps the fact that you’ve traveled to different countries and speak more than one language could be of a great advantage for them.

2. What do they need?

Keep a close eye on all of the requirements for the job, and the experiences that are optional. This could be a great card for you to play during an interview when you can clearly highlight to them that you know what they are looking for and that you are exactly what they need.

3. Take your time.

Finding the right job may take some time, and you should try to be as mentally prepared for this as you can be. Don’t let desperation make you settle for another job.

Remember: great things take time. If you know you have the requirements for a certain position, just be patient!