“Nothing worthwhile is ever easy” and job hunting is no different but with some hard work, persistence, and patience, it will eventually pay off. Below are some great tips every job seeker should be doing!

1. If you aren’t on LinkedInGET ON IT..but remember, it isn’t Facebook, you are there to network, get your face out there, and get noticed. On that same note (Make sure you put up a great PROFESSIONAL  picture). Believe it or not, employers are just as curious about you as you are about them! LinkedIn profiles without pictures are much less likely to be taken seriously; it almost seems as if you are trying to hide something! So unless you are a secret agent or spy, put up that photo for all to see. Also, DO NOT link up your Facebook and Twitter profiles unless they are job appropriate.  Employers like to know about you but they don’t need to know what kind of adult beverages you enjoyed last weekend. Keep it PG13!

Lastly, challenge yourself to add people! Set a goal of 100 connections in a week and get after it. Add people that you know add business professionals and lastly add people that you don’t know but inspire you. If you don’t want to seem “creepy” when you click connect and that little message pop’s up asking you  “how do you know  John Smith ”  put a little personal message ..”I saw that you worked in ______ and I am interested in networking with you.” Don’t be afraid- no one will judge you! LinkedIn is where it’s at!

2. Update your resume! As Recruiters, we have seen it all.  People have gone so far as applying for jobs with resumes and cover letters that were tailored towards entirely different positions!  Jobs aren’t one size fits all and your resume shouldn’t be either. Invest in the company that you are applying to and take the time to gear your resume towards that job specifically. Make sure to add your most recent work history and be as detailed as possible.  This is your chance to sell yourself.

3. Focus! Studies have shown that we humans are almost paralyzed when we have too many choices — which TV show to watch (when you have hundreds of channels), which coffee to order (when it comes in dozens of variations), and on, and on,…Going to a job board and entering only the location is asking for an over-load. To make your job search more effective, focus on one or two job titles you really want and the employers you would like to work for and start there.

Below are some great websites to assist you in your job hunting: 

  • Staffsolutions.biz
  • Herald&Review.com
  • jg-tc.com
  • CentralIllinoisHelpWanted.com
  • snagajob.com
  • Indeed.com
  • CareerBuilder.com   
  • Monster.com
  • Craigslist.com

– Courtney M., Professional Recruiter