1. Over-committing and under-delivering. 

There’s not a lot of things that bother me at work, but this is definitely among my top 3. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in their career is over-committing and under-delivering. If this is one of your bad habits, chances are your boss and coworkers can’t count on you- for anything.

Have to set a deadline? Be realistic. It’s great that you want to complete your projects sooner, but it is always better to overestimate the time you will take and impress your coworkers with completing it sooner than expected, than to fail to meet your deadline.

Above all, guard your reputation. Over the course of your life you may have multiple jobs, but it is important for your next career step that people can give a good reference of you about how you always met your deadlines and even met them ahead of time.

Remember: In your career, its all about the extra mile


2. Being complacent.

This is perhaps the perfect way to make sure your career stays stagnant.

Want to grow? Live outside of your comfort zone. That simple.

if your boss isn’t pushing you out of your comfort zone, you need to push yourself. Read some personal development books on your free time, think outside the box, and most of all- be open to new ideas.

Whether you’re the boss or just starting your career, never fail to grasp every opportunity as a character-growing, life changing experience.


3. Always worrying about your next career move. 

It’s great to have vision and know where you want to go, but it’s essential that you are present in your current job. Otherwise, you will probably find yourself extremely dissatisfied that you’re not were you want to be.

Keep in mind that bigger jobs call for bigger responsibilities- so enjoy the journey.