1. You Don’t Take Risks.

Being a perfectionist myself, I can definitely say that this has been one of the hardest obstacles I’ve had to overcome. As perfectionists, we like being in a routine and keeping things “safe”. But the reality is that the business world is never a straight line, and we encounter ups and downs throughout our career. Taking risks is what will make your business unique. Risks, whether successful or not, always bring growth and are an essential part of any leader’s life.

As perfectionists, it’s essential we come to peace with the fact that striving for a “safe and perfect zone” is unrealistic in our careers. I’ve noticed a lot of the perfectionist coworkers I’ve had over the years tend to get extremely distressed simply because of these unrealistic expectations. Just know that ups and downs are the norm in the business world, and that by taking risks you are only allowing your business and yourself to grow!

2. You Aren’t Open to New Ideas. 

Learning new techniques, jumping on new projects, and adapting new strategies are all essential parts of developing your leadership and growing your company.

Your current strategy is already good enough? Could be.

Is there a possibility that a new idea may not work? Yes.

But what if this new idea is exactly what your business needed to grow dramatically?

As a leader, you need to encourage your team and constantly be pointing them towards a higher goal and to achieve that, you need to be open to the new ideas they may have.

3. You Aren’t Flexible. 

We’ve all seen this quality in multiple job applications, and perhaps often look for it when hiring an employee, but it’s essential to make sure we have it first. We often overlook the fact that not only our managers need us to be flexible as new assignments come up, but our team needs you to be flexible with them as well.

In a perfect world, you would get everyone to show up to work on time, be there every day, and have only a certain amount of assignments weekly. Of course, we all know that is impossible.

Being patient and letting go of our perfectionism when an employee has and mergence come up and you have one man down can really help you keep a strong team in your company. Adaptability is not just a “nice to have” competency but an important competitive advantage.

It’s hard enough for any business leader, manager, or entrepreneur to keep up with the unpredictable demands that are part of doing business. But to a perfectionist, the unexpected can be catastrophic.


Perfectionism is self-destructive for one very simple reason: There is no such thing as perfect.