1. Tell great stories. 

Perhaps one of the greatest public speaking tips is to tell stories. People love stories because they can visualize and connect ideas with an actual experience. Whether it’s a testimony or simply telling the story of something you experienced, people are more likely to remember your speech when they can connect their emotions to the story you are telling!

2. Do NOT read your presentation. 

Whatever you do- we repeat- do NOT read from your presentation! Nothing makes your audience lose their interest in what you have to say when you have to read from your presentation. Instead, have a sheet of paper with bullet points that will help you stay on track with your visual presentation by simply taking a quick glance at what your next point will be.

3. TEST VIDEO- Record yourself previously.

Though you may feel a bit foolish doing this, filming yourself while giving the speech and then reviewing it will help you get a different point of view on your speech. For example, you may notice that you’re talking too fast/slow, or perhaps that you’re pacing and fidgeting. Not nay can you catch these nervous tics, but take this as an opportunity to evaluate yourself. Listen yto yourself and ask yourself if you were in the audience, would you be engaged? If not, what can you do to “spark things up”? Remember: We’re our best/worse critics!

4. Be yourself! 

This may sound repetitive and cliche, but there is nothing more important than being yourself when speaking to a large crowd. Don’t try to tell a joke if it’s not part of your personality. SImply, be natural and let it flow. Read your audience and most importantly: have fun! The more you act like yourself, the more confidence you will portray!