It’s no secret giving back is a priority at Innovative Staff Solutions.  Though we’ve always focused on volunteering in our communities, it wasn’t until 2015 that we decided to set annual community impact goals.  The amount of participation has been incredible, and we love seeing our offices coming together to make a difference!  To date, we have completed more than 5,625 hours of community impact, and it’s humbling and exciting to witness the positive changes for our company and its culture.


Besides the daily tasks of running our business, ultimately the focus of Innovative Staff Solutions is to help our clients, residents, and communities.  All businesses, large or small, can make a difference, and we are strong believers in focusing on the big picture:  the lasting impact you can leave in your communities.  Below we’ve outlined four ways giving back will affect your company.


1. Making your community a better place


First and foremost, giving back as a company will help your community be a better place.  For example, volunteering for or organizing a clean-up crew will provide a clean and safe location for your families and neighborhoods to enjoy.  Speaking at area schools will impact your community in the long run.  Several of our employees have served as guest speakers in local high schools.  They’ve shared the importance of building a quality resume, attending college, and researching potential employers.  Overall, our focus is to help students and our communities by helping prepare graduates entering our workforce.  Each of your companies has a different talent to share, and we encourage you to share that knowledge in our community!


2. Employees can learn new skills


Volunteering doesn’t just provide an opportunity for you to give back, but also provides a learning tool by encouraging your employees step into roles that will help with their personal growth.  Skills such as networking, leadership, organization of events, managing resources and marketing will strengthen.   As an example, Assembly Operators helping with local fundraising events will gain confidence leading to improved leadership skills that will ultimately improve their daily work.


Volunteering is an opportunity to not only help others, but your employees will experience personal growth which leads to your company being better-rounded.


3. Networking


Giving of your time will lead to connections with others in your area that you wouldn’t normally come in contact with.  Not only can you build personal and professional relationships, but partnering with other employers on community projects provides a larger audience, leading to increased visibility in your communities with prospective clients.


4. Culture is key for employee retention


Giving back as a company can be fun and we, along with our employees, love fun!  It’s important to participate in team-building events outside the office, and volunteering provides a perfect opportunity.  Your employees will know each other better, and meet each other’s families and friends.  Ultimately, this will impact how they work as a team.


According to Project ROI, a well-designed corporate social responsibility program can increase employee engagement up to 7.5%, increase employee productivity by 13%, reduce employee turnover by 50%, and increase revenue by as much as 20%.


Overall, giving back will not only help your company culture, but also increase employee retention!