This is a must-have. A personalized URL not only adds a professional touch, but also increases the clickability of your profile when it comes up in search. This means more views of your profile, which can lead to more job connections and job opportunities.

2. Professional Photo

Not having a photo on your LinkedIn profile will prevent recruiters and hiring managers from getting in contact with you! Remember first impressions are essential. With todays social networking used in the hiring process, it is essential you choose a flattering, professional picture.

What does this mean, exactly? Simply put: A headshot picture of you smiling with a solid background/professional setting. If you can, invest in taking a professional headshot picture!

3. Add keywords to your profile

Recruiters find people on LinkedIn through job title and skills, a.k.a, keywords. Therefore, If you’re not coming up in search results, you’re reducing your chances of being offered job opportunities.

Make sure to look up keywords relevant to your career and place them throughout your linked- in profile to increase your chances of getting noticed!


4. Interact

Make sure you are constantly posting relevant, professional material to your page. Additionally, interact with your connections by commenting or joining discussions. A great way to get yourself noticed is by joining a group! Linked In is filled with great groups relevant to each career that could not only help you grow, but also connect you with a future employer!