If you want to get hired as a cylinder machine operator, you’ll need a few specific skills to make it to the top of the candidate list. You should be comfortable with computers and data entry along with having machine shop math skills that include fractions, decimals, and conversions.

Beyond those necessary hard skills, soft skills such as flexibility, reliability and cooperation will show an employer you have what it takes to be successful.

Here are the five essential skills you’ll need to get on board as a cylinder machine operator:

1. Analytical skills

The best machine operators make the job look easy, but it takes analytical skills to set up, run and maintain machinery properly. The ability to spot and evaluate problems effectively without always involving your supervisor adds value to you as an operator. You could be expected to read schematics, manuals and blueprints, which will be to your advantage if you already have those skills.

2. Excellent communication

Of all the soft skills you have developed, communication is the most important one. Cylinder machine operators are part of a team, and you will be expected to communicate effectively with your co-workers and managers.

Being able to communicate is vital for quality and safety reasons. You must listen and ask the right questions to ensure you are making an excellent product. And, because machinery is dangerous, it’s crucial to let others know to stand clear when the machine is running.

3. Serious about safety

Anytime you are working with machinery, you must take a serious approach to safety. Keeping yourself and those around you safe is paramount, which means you must become thoroughly familiar with the cylinder machine, especially how to stop it quickly in an emergency. Operating any machine will require adherence to safety regulations and the appropriate safety gear.

4. Being organized

Organizational skills are desirable in any job, but they are particularly valuable to a machine operator. You’ll need to follow schedules and procedures, and you may be required to perform cycle counts and maintain inventory records. Your work area should always be clean with everything in its place. Being organized will go a long way toward defining your success as a cylinder machine operator.

5. Patience under pressure

Every job has its stressful moments, but machine operators must be able to handle them to prevent costly or dangerous mistakes. Staying calm under pressure can save money for your employer and keep you and your co-workers safe. Patience is a skill anyone hoping to get ahead should develop early in their career.

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