1. “My boss is a heartless jerk.”

If you bad-mouth your current boss, your prospective employer will only think that you will do the same with them. Not to mention that they will feel like you will be hard to manage and most likely to bring negativity into the workplace!

2. “I hate my job.” 

If you’re asked why you are applying for a new position, do NOT say that it is because you hate your job. Keep in mind that everything has a positive and negative side to it. Therefore, tell your prospective employer that your current job has equipped you with a lot of skills but that you’re ready to join a company that will allow you to grow even more. 

3. “I don’t have any weaknesses.”

I constantly see many people make the mistake of saying that they don’t have any weaknesses. ALL of us have weaknesses, and it’s important that you are honest with your interviewer about your weakness. Spend some time before your interview preparing your answer. Make sure that whatever weakness it is, that you show how you’ve been working to grow and change in that area. It will show your hunger for growth and change!

4. “I don’t have any questions for you.”

At the end of the interview, make sure to ask some questions for your employee. Some great questions would be asking them about their experience with the company, what is their favorite part of working there, or simply what would be the next step after this interview.

5. “I just want a job!”

Desperation is not appealing – ever. Even if you have been job hunting for a while, make sure to remain calm and patient. Remember, you are competing with many other candidates. Therefore, you have to believe that THEY need you and that you are a perfect fit for their company. Otherwise, your interviewer will probably be able to smell desperation as soon as you walk in!