We all know that job interviews can be intimidating, overwhelming and nerve-racking; especially if we are trying to land that dream job. Plus, it can take hours researching how to have a successful interview.  Let me take the stress off your shoulders! Follow these 5 tips and you will leave an ever lasting impression on your interviewer.

  1. Do your research on the company. The company has showed interest in you by bringing you in for an interview, now do your part. Learn about their business, mission statement, clients, competitors, and their community outreach programs. Most of this information can be found on their website. By doing this step you will be prepared for any company related questions that are asked.



  1. Dress appropriately. The way you dress for an interview outlines the first impression. In many circumstances your dress will say more about you than your first few words. Keep it classic and simple. Dress appropriate for the position you are applying for. Men, avoid flashy ties and loud colors. Women, do not overdo it with the make-up and perfume. Follow these same guidelines if there is a second interview.



  1. Be aware of your body language. Your body language can say a lot about you. It can reveal your interest level in just seconds. Nod your head while listening, smile and have good posture. Do not slouch, fidget, or check your phone. My advice is to always reciprocate the interviewer’s body language.



  1. Have questions ready to ask your interviewer. Remember, not only are they interviewing you, but you are interviewing them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Questions such as, “How will you be evaluating my first three months?” and “Are their opportunities for growth and advancement?” show that you are interested in furthering your career with the company and that you are a goal driven employee. Not asking questions can make you look disinterested and unprepared.



  1. Follow-up. Wait a day, then send a follow up thank you email. In the email thank them again for taking the time to interview you, reiterate the position you are applying for, and ask if you can provide them with any more information to help make a decision. On top of a thank you email it is always highly suggested to write a hand written thank you letter.

Now that you have read these tips you are 5 steps closer to landing that dream job. Good luck!