1. Prioritize. Even though it may seem like everything is important, there are certain tasks that are more important than others. Learning to identify which are more important are essential to consistently being efficient! For example, one common way to prioritize is by due dates.
  2. Take advantage of your energy. The truth is there are certain hours of the day we have more energy than others. Take advantage of your highest energy level in the day to tackle your most important task! You’ll get the task done more quickly and getting it done will boost your confidence for handling the rest.
  3. Make a list. Get your to-dos out of your head. Keeping to-dos and appointments in your head only adds to your stress, making it harder to prioritize. As soon as you walk into the office in the morning, write down your list for the day. Visualizing your tasks will help you prioritize and even see which items you can multitask on!
  4. Tap into the power of completion. Completing a project or task fuels your energy and gives you motivation to tackle the other items on your to-do list. The endorphin rush that comes from checking something of your to-do list is real—so pick a project that’s near completion, and make it a point to finish it soon!
  5. Minimize the little time wasters. Little time wasters are like little impulse purchases—over time they add up to a lot of time and a lot of money! Ten minutes spent procrastinating on an important task and a few minutes (several times a day) checking email instead of handling it—adds up to a lot of wasted time! Become aware of your little time wasters, and then minimize them.