Being a leader is something everyone wants, in some form or another. Often times, we find value in our ability to successfully express our leadership! It’s something I’ve failed at many, many times. And I’m still learning how to be an effective leader. It’s a process! Here are 5 tips I’ve found essential in my quest to become a successful leader:


1. Be respectful.

True to the old adage, life really is all about who you know. While being respectful is an important aspect of everyday life, it’s also a good way to prove your leadership ability. Having good relationships with the people around you will get you far in life! Being able to accept and respect diverse groups of people is a sure-fire way to emerge as a leader in any situation. Be respectful, and people will respect you. Accept others and build solid relationships. It could make or break you!

2. Go the extra mile.

Never settle for average. If you believe you’re average – you are! It’s up to you whether you emerge as a leader by going above and beyond what is expected of you. Always make a conscious effort to go beyond the requirements you’ve been given. Arrive early, stay late. Do whatever it takes to show you’re hungry for success!

3. Embrace failure.

Just as important as aiming for the stars is knowing that, sometimes, you will fall short. We’re human – it’s a part of us. Failure is a part of life that everyone experiences. All good leaders not only understand this, they embrace it. Oprah was told she ‘wasn’t fit for TV’. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple before returning to make it into the revolutionary company we know today. They leveraged their failures to better themselves – look where it got them. We should do the same! Embrace failure. Learn from it, and you could change the world!

4. Never stop learning.

18 years. That’s the average amount of time most people spend in formal education, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. After so many years, it would be easy to throw in the towel on learning! I mean, why not receive your degree and take a long, well-deserved break from learning? The answer is easy: our world is always changing. If we want to emerge as a leader, we must be committed to constant learning and personal development! Prove your leadership through ever-growing knowledge. Become a student of life!

5. Live a life of balance.

When striving to be a successful leader, living a life out of balance may be the biggest mistake people make. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to develop your ‘personal brand’ by pleasing others that, often times, you forget to leave time for you. How can we be effective leaders if we never step back to reflect? I have found that one of the most powerful words in the English language is “no”. In my opinion, it can make or break you. Leaders know they can’t do everything – we’re human, remember? Learn when to say “no”. That two-letter word is powerful – it could literally change your life!


By no means am I a master of being a successful leader. Like I said, it’s a process that I go through every single day. However, I have found immense value in making these 5 attitudes a consistent part of my life. I hope you will, too!