1. Honest

This may seem like a cliche quality to mention, but it is definitely essential. If your employees have caught you lying a couple of times, you’re setting yourself up for mistrust. Building trust is essential because they know that if you ask them to work a couple hours extra this week only – you really mean just this week only. If you fail to keep your words, your employees will simply do what is required without going the extra mile because they have lost respect towards you.

Besides honesty being a key factor in the relationship between you and your employees, being an honest manager builds an honest culture in your company. Therefore, your employees will know that you would rather them be honest and admit to a customer when they have made a mistake, rather than lie their way out of a situation. As a leader, everything you do will simply be multiplied in all of the people you are managing – so be careful!

2. Ability to Delegate

3. Communication

One of the most important skills you can have as a leader is excellent communication skills. If you can’t voice where you want to go and give your team vision, chances are your business is progressing very slowly. It’s important to learn to voice where you want to go, why you want to go there, and show them how you’re going to get there. On the other hand, having strong communication skills will help you listen to your team’s ideas (and critiques), which could ultimately help you see areas you may have not thought about. As a leader with strong communication skills, you will listen to your team’s ideas and point of views, allowing your company to see multiple aspects of one single project.

5. Confidence

We all have tough days (or months)- specially in business.

No sales.

No new customers.

Your best employee just quit.

Whatever it is that your company is going through, it’s important that you are confident in your company and your product. Every single business has had (and will continue to have) high’s and low’s, but your ability as a leader to keep your team motivated during those lows is what truly matters. Build a great, positive work environment that even when your company is struggling, your employees are loyal to you and your brand.

“If your team is feeling happy and upbeat, chances are they won’t mind staying that extra hour to finish a report, or devoting their best work to the brand.”

6. Inspirational

This is the fuel to your business. As long as your team feels inspired and that they are moving forward, they will stay loyal to you and keep on working hard. Specially if your business is just starting, it’s essential you let your employees know how much you appreciate them, and acknowledge every accomplishment. When people are working hard and being recognized for going the extra mile, they are looking forward to helping you grow, rather than just logging 40 hours a week.