If you are having trouble connecting with qualified job seekers who will add value to your company, you aren’t alone.

Many businesses struggle to attract millennials, who are now the largest group in the workforce according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. These individuals, born between the early 80s and late 90s, are accustomed to the internet, technology, and have the most information available to them than any other generation before. Contrary to popular belief, many millennials are extremely self-motivated to pursue their passions and careers.

Most employers, however, aren’t able to define what actually motivates millennials in the workplace. As a result, businesses aren’t able to take full advantage of the new ideas, energy, or drive millennials can bring to the table.

With boomers retiring at a high rate, it is important to overcome these challenges as soon as possible. Delaying the process will not only decrease the pool of promising applicants, but it will also put your company at a disadvantage for growth in the future.

Don’t wait until the best candidates have already accepted another position. Here are 3 simple ways to draw millennials to your company.


Create a Great Place to Work

According to an Intelligence Group survey, 64% of millennials would rather make $40,000 a year at a job they love than $100,000 a year at a job they think is boring.

In other words, even if you are offering better pay, your dream millennial candidate might take a pay cut to work at a place they are excited about.

Creating a place where employees can’t wait to show up to every day can work for any budget. Simple tweaks like changing the lighting, creating space for employees to collaborate, or offering free snacks and drinks for your employees can help change the environment. Higher priced office upgrades might include fitness rooms, lounges, or new office furniture.

For example, some of our manufacturing clients provide golf course memberships to their full-time employees. A few others host luncheons or cookouts for employees and their families. Another gives their employees turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Be creative. Your current employees can also help you find ways to create an irresistible work environment!


Use Social Media to Set Your Business Apart

It’s not enough to simply have a social media account for your business anymore. Did you know that 86% of millennials turn to social media when searching for a job?

Millennials want to see how they fit in to your company, turning to social media to find their answers. Does your company place high importance on teamwork? Show them how your team works together. Want to display your casual, laid-back office or your friendly, safe, manufacturing environment? Give them a glimpse of what it looks like via your social media pages.

For example, at ISS we love to share our passion for giving back to the community. Our Facebook page consistently shows our staff working together to give back through various volunteer opportunities.

Social media is a perfect place to show what sets you apart as an employer. If millennials can look at your social media and see themselves working for you, you already have an advantage over other companies.


Offer Opportunities to Grow

Like every generation, millennials still value a great paycheck. However, when it comes to finding a job, they aren’t just looking at the salary figure.

Millennials want to know how you will help them grow in their career. What are their opportunities to advance? Will they be able to seek out mentorships or learn a new skill? Developing such opportunities for your current staff and future hires will help you answer that question with ease.

Highlighting personal growth and development as an important part of your business will be sure to connect with a millennial job seeker.


We are Experts at Recruiting Millennials. Let’s Work Together!

Partnering with a staffing company can greatly improve your recruiting process.

At Innovative Staff Solutions, not only do we specialize in recruiting, but we take pride in recruiting the next generation of the work force. Each month, we reach over 270,000 people on our Facebook page which generates over 6,800 likes. Of our 6,800+ likes, our largest group of followers are millennials.

Our 22 years of experience, dedication to social media recruiting, and cutting-edge recruiting technology will take the weight of finding the perfect candidate off your shoulders.

We’ll help your company achieve its goals by hiring the next generation work force behind you and your company’s vision.

Click here to learn more about how we can help you or contact me directly at nmeinhart@staffsolutions.com.