Just became a manager for the first time? Don’t let the nerves get to you! Below are some simple tips for you to get started.

1. Seek a mentor.

There is nothing wiser than learning form someone who has been in your shoes before. Save yourself some time and headaches and learn from the mistakes and wisdom of other managers!

2. Respect longstanding employees. 

Workers who have been o the in the company for many years deserve to be respected for their loyalty to the company. Additionally, they would probably not take harsh leadership the best way, so make sure to still expect respect from them, but also give the respect you would want.

5. Organize a group outing.

Break the ice and invite your employees to lunch or bowling night! Bonding outside of work will help you build great relationships that can ultimately help you be a better manager.

4. Manage your time wisely.

This is perhaps the most crucial part about managing! Not only will you have tons of events filling your schedule, but learning how to prioritize is essential. Prioritize your activities, don’t waste any precious time, and multitask! Overall, remember to take time to relax as well. It is just as important as being productive.

5. Respect diversity.

Whether you live in a small town or large city, learn to respect and appreciate each person for who they are and not where they are from. Make sure to stay away from any stereotypes that may insult your “ethnic” employees!

6. Keep an “open door” policy.

When leading, it’s important that you also become a good listener. Listen to your employees, their suggestions, and how certain situations may be affecting them. Sometimes we may be oblivious to a certain situation and you should be humble enough to listen to your employees. Additionally, make sure that you keep an “open door” policy and that your employees feel comfortable talking to you about any issues.