1. Print your resume.

Make sure you have a physical copy of your resume so that when the hiring manager asks you about your work history, you will be looking through the same thing they will. Also, make sure you write down certain topics and experiences you’ve had that you want to cover in the interview, so that you don’t forget.

2. Disable phone features. 

Make sure you turn off any additional “ring tones” your phone may have. That way if someone decides to call you during your interview, your interviewer will not hear it and your interview will not be interrupted. Make sure to turn off all alerts – including Facebook notifications or Text alerts!

3. Pick a good environment.

It’s important to be in a place where you will not be interrupted. Make sure that if you are at home, there won’t be additional background noise that may distract your interviewer or interrupt your interview. The less noise and distractions, the better! If you have any pets that could cause distractions or loud noises, be sure to place them in a room that they will not interrupt you!

4. Smile.

Smiling when you speak brings energy and excitement to your voice. Event though they can’t see you, smiling will definitely be transmitted through the phone!

5. Mute. 

If you need to take a sip of water, the mute button will be your best friend! Make sure that if any distraction does occur unexpectedly, use the handiness of the mute button.

6. Don’t talk about money.

Whatever you do, do not start off by asking how much you will make! Make sure to leave it towards the end of the interview and if the topic arises, use phrases like, “I’m negotiable,” “I’d rather discuss compensation in person,” or “I currently make X but am looking to make Y”. If they’re interested in hiring you, salary will be covered during the hiring process, so don’t rush into it!