1. Host a Pajama Party

While most of us will just simply complain about the freezing temperatures, we can’t forget the fact that there are many homeless fighting the cold weather. Help to keep them warm this winter by hosting a pajama party! Simply ask each guest to bring a pajama to donate, and then head over to Pajama Program which delivers warm sleepwear to children in need.

2. Soldiers’ Secret Santa
The Holidays can be a very emotional time to the kids of a parent that is deployed. That is why, the wonderful organization of Soldiers’ Secret Santa helps provides holiday gifts for soldiers’ children by gathering donations. If you don’t have much time to host a pajama party or any of our other ideas on here, this is a great way to still give back without it being so time consuming!

3. Clean Out Your Pantry
Most Americans keep canned goods for years, until one day they finally decide to clean out and realize how much food stored up they were not using. Take advantage of your days off this Holiday season, clean out your pantry, and donate to those in need! You can find a local food bank that will be donating christmas baskets.

4. Drop off Toys for Tots
One of my personal favorites, Toys for Tots helps parents in need make sure their child receives a Christmas present. Simply buy a toy and drop it off (unwrapped) at any of their locations across the country- they’ll take care of the rest!

5. Clean Your Closet Out
Just like our pantries, sometimes we let clothes that we haven’t used for years take up unnecessary space in our closet. Take some time this Holiday season not just to clean out your closet, but let go off those clothes that you “one day will wear” and realize someone in need could be staying warm in that jacket. Get a pile of the clothes you don’t want/need anymore and drop them off at your local Salvation Army!

6. It’s All About The Little Things

Though the ideas above are a great way to give back to your community, also remember that a small act of kindness can go a long way!


When you go out to eat and notice a family with a member with special needs, tell your waitress you would like to anonymously pay for their food.

Visit the senior citizens in your community.

That family you know that is struggling to pay their bills? Send them an anonymous check.

Most of all, take some time to tell the people around you how much you appreciate them. Sometimes, the loneliest people are the people around us. Don’t wait until it is to late to tell someone how talented and wonderful they are!

Smile often.


Whichever way you decide to give back, keep in mind that what may seem like something small to you will mean the world to someone in need. Happy Holidays, everyone!