1. Exercise 

Though your body may be screaming for your cozy bed and Netflix, stick to your workout plan! Working out can help you release stress & increase your energy- so push through!

2. New Years Resolutions

While you may feel very motivated to change your old habits, it’s important to only tackle 1-2 at a time. Take the first two months of the year and focus on (max) 2 goals. Make them a habit. After they become a habit, start on the next thing on your list!

There is nothing more overwhelming than wanting to change your entire life all at once-and giving up 3 months later.

3. Spend Time Outside

– Use your warmest winter days- or less windy ones- to get outside! Sometimes it seems like we only go from building to building in the winter and we miss out on the important Vitamin D. Even if you only get outside for a little while, the exposure and help clear your head and give you a little dose of happiness.

4. Keep a Good Office Temperature

– Whether it’s keeping it warm or cool, it’s essential to have a comfortable temperature at work. Otherwise, in the back of your mind you are trying to figure out ways to stay warm/cool- preventing you from being completely productive.

5. Clean Eating

Now this is probably the hardest one to abide by. Comfort foods and sugary drinks seem to be the definition of winter. Most of your plans revolve around staying indoors (eating/drinking), and the cold weather makes us crave an unnecessary amount of food.

6. Reorganize

Why wait until spring? Reorganizing your house/workspace for the new year is the best way to refresh the space your in! Get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore, sell your old furniture, buy some new one, and hang up those pictures you’ve been procrastinating to put up around the house. Out with the old, in with the new!