1. Write a list of 10 things you are thankful for.

Due to the fact that we live in a consumerist society, sometimes we are thinking about what we need to buy next rather than be thankful for what we have. Many people walk around complaining about their boss or coworkers, without realizing that there are thousands of people out there wishing they would have the opportunity to work- even if it was simply as a janitor.

Therefore, take 5 minutes in the morning and get in the habit of writing just 10 things you are thankful for. Whether it is your family, job, the country you live in, or simply your health, write them all down! Getting in this habit will make you realize how wealthy and blessed you truly are. Not to mention it will make you a really happy person!

2. Drink water- LOTS of it.

Getting in the habit of constantly drinking habit is perhaps one of the healthiest habits you can start! Water will increase your energy and provide more alertness. For those of you looking to shed some pounds, water will help you cleanse some of the fat, make you feel more full, speeds up your metabolism, AND has zero calories! Talk about the perfect addition to your diet!

Additionally, water will help you get that glowing, beautiful skin you want! Since it flushes fat and toxins, your skin won’t break out because your body will be nice and clean!
Start by buying a water bottle and commit to drinking at least the equivalent of 8 glasses of water/day. You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel and look!

3. Eat every 2-3 hours.

One of the main reasons people gain weight easily is because they do not eat every 2-3 hours. Eating constantly will not only help speed up your metabolism and therefore help you burn fat faster, but it will also help you not eat mindlessly.

Have you ever gone more than 5 hours without eating and then you decide to eat an enormous meal because your starving and then you feel terrible? Don’t worry- we’ve been there too. Not eating constantly will cause you to overeat and pile up a few extra pounds. Therefore, start by adding two snacks in between your meals, resulting in 5 meals a day. You’ll love your metabolism for burning fat for you!

4. Switch your Snickers bar for a protein bar.

We all get that 3’o clock need for a snack- and that is good! Like we said previously, you want to eat every 2-3 hours. Therefore, if you’re craving chocolate don’t pick up a Snickers or Twix. Next time, pick up a protein bar like the Special K protein bars or Quest bars. They will satisfy your craving, have less sugar and trans fat, AND the protein will make you feel more full for a longer period of time!

5. Exercise – Even if it’s use 30 minutes!

We all know the obvious benefits of exercising- which is getting in shape. But did you know that exercising has MANY more benefits than just burning calories? That workout that you keep putting off because you are “too tired” is exactly what you need. Exercising not only improves your mood and gives you more energy, but it will also regulate your sleeping patterns.

6. Personal Development

Many people neglect this important aspect of their life. Pick up a book that will challenge you and push you to become a better person! Whether it will challenge you intellectually, professionally, or in your personal life, self-improvement will only help you reach those goals you so desperately want.

7. Relax!

Lastly, relax! Today our society is the busiest it’s ever been. People work more than 60hrs a week and are involved in multiple activities, which is great, but make sure to take some time each night to unwind and just relax. Shut off your phone, cook a nice dinner, and simply relax. You’ll be surprised how much happier you will feel when you relieve all the stress!