Though you’re about to read some great ways successful people spend their weekend, it’s important to always keep in mind productivity. Now, by productivity, we don’t always mean you have to be on the go! Be productive in planning to do the things you have always wanted to do.

Sleep in. Go for a walk. Paint that wall you’ve been dying to change for the past 6 months.

It’s important to be wise and “read” yourself. If your body needs to catch up on sleep, then do that. If you’ve been craving something new and adventurous, then plan a trip. Whatever you do, plan ahead and don’t waste 10 hours of your day off on Netflix!

Without further adieu, the 5 things successful people do on long weekends:

1. Mental preparation.

Ever taken a vacation but still came back stressed out because you knew all the projects that needed to be finished at work? Definitely ruins anyones “vacation”. Therefore, make sure you leave everything completed and solved before you leave the office for the long weekend. Mentally prepare to disconnect yourself from work! it will help you come back on next week with a clear mind and re-charged batteries.

2. They volunteer.

Not only will you be impacting someone’s life, but most of all changing your own. Working with non-profit organization usually helps you see life from a different point of view. Who knows, maybe this will spark your creativity for a new project at your job!

3. They set technology limits.

Now a days, it is very easy to simply reach over for your phone and have access to your entire business through there. It’s important that you take the weekend to relax and disconnect from the stress of work so that you can come back refueled. Therefore, close down all the work emails you have on your phone or set limits on how many times a day you will check your phone if needed be.

4. They do a little bit of nothing.

Most successful people do plan their weekends, but often times their plans will involve some “do nothing” time slots. Our every day-to-day stress needs to be outweighed with some mellow resting time where you can do nothing, be responsible for no one, and not be thinking about what you have to do later.

Simply plan to do nothing, for your own health and wellbeing!

5. They get outdoors and enjoy nature!

Nothing beats a new experience outdoors after a stressful week. Unwind this weekend and plan a walk at the park, visit a nature center, or maybe even plan a camping trip with the kids!

Live life to the fullest and enjoy every single beauty nature has to offer you.