As we all know, the end of daylight savings time is this Sunday, November 2nd. At 2am, our automatic clocks will adjust and our manual clocks will need to be pushed back an hour. However, most people really struggle with adjusting to the time change. Most of us finally get used to it once it is time for another time change!

If you’re worried this Sunday’s time change is going to mess with your schedule, we’ve got a few tips for you to help you cope with the time change!

1. Don’t change your routine on Monday

Your body is already adapting to the time change, don’t throw any more curve balls at it! Keep your same routine, same alarm time, and simply stick to your usual Mondays.

2. Get more sun exposure!

Saying away from the sun during the fall and winter days may be our natural reaction to the bitter cold. However, you should bundle up and catch some rays every week! Studies show that exposure to sun can actually increase your mood and help you get over the winter blues. Once the time changes this weekend, the sun will be setting around 5-6pm. This could really kill your productivity if you don’t consistently catch some natural sunlight!

3. Add more lighting to your home

Of course, your busy schedule and the weather conditions will not always be perfect for you to catch some sunlight throughout the week. Therefore, it is important that you also have a great amount of light at home! Once you wake up in the morning, break those curtains open and let the natural light into your home. Starting off your day with more light in your home will help you be more alert rather than craving “10 more minutes of sleep”.