Most interviews will start with, “Tell me a little about yourself…” yet many people are completely clueless on how this should be properly answered. One thing to keep in mind when answering this is that the interviewer wants to know more about you as a professional – not your personal life story.

“Tell me about yourself” basically translates into “Tell me who you are, professionally speaking.”

As Alison Green stated in her “Careers” column of  US News, “You should be ready with a one-minute answer that summarizes where you are in your career, generally with an emphasis on your most recent job and the strengths of your approach.”

Therefore, don’t make the same mistake many job seekers make of telling your interviewer about your family or where you grew up. Unless you find it to be relevant for the interviewer to know certain personal information, leave it out.

Also, remember to take this opportunity to highlight your most important accomplishments. This will be a great way to make sure your interview is memorable and will help you make a great impression.

Last but definitely not least, remember to be brief! Try to bring up two or three things that are significant for the interviewer to know. Remember they want to know a little about yourself, not your entire life story. A great time frame to keep in mind would be between 1-2 minutes.

Most of all: be authentic! Even though you prepare your answers for the interview, don’t make your answer sound robotic. Be genuine, relevant, and concise when answering.