Even though every job seeker focuses on what they are going to say during a job interview, many of them neglect the importance that their body language has during an interview.

We get it – interviews are intimidating and probably make you extremely nervous. On the other hand, not being able to control your nerves could ultimately affect your body language.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

This popular saying couldn’t be any more accurate for job interviews. Saying that you are able to work under stress means that you are able to control your emotions. By not being able to control your nerves and (for example) shake your leg or fidget during an interview, you are actually telling the hiring manager that you don’t have control of your emotions = not being able to work under stress.

It may be hard to “keep it together”but just remember that your body language does matter.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  1. Don’t rub your nose. Not only is it bad manners, but multiple studies have shown that this could be a sign that a person is lying.
  2. Don’t cross your arms across your chest. Doing this could give your hiring manager the impression that you are either insecure or unfriendly.
  3. Don’t slouch in your chair. Slouching in your chair could make you seem disinterested or bored. Instead, make sure you are sitting up straight and showing that you are engaged and fully alert.
  4. Face Expressions. Make sure your expression conveys happiness and confidence, rather than boredom and nervousness.
  5. Don’t wear a lot of cologne/perfume. This could make your interviewer feel unpleasant, not to mention the headache he/she might get after you leave.
  6. Eye Contact. Keeping good eye contact with your interviewer(s) is essential to portraying confidence and respect when they are talking or when you are responding to a question.
  7. Farewell. Make sure you shake their hand confidently as you thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview. By smiling and standing up straight, you will convey a lot of positive energy and confidence that will simply work in your favor.

Next time you go to an interview, make sure your body language is conveying confidence and backing-up all the personality traits and skills you are telling the hiring manager you have. Interviews may be intimidating, but overcoming your nerves and portraying the right body language can help you get hired!