“Positioning for the Future”

One of the biggest mistakes any manager can make is undermine the leadership potential each of their employee’s has. Don’t simply assign tasks, but teach them to take initiative and ownership of the task they are managing so that they will be more likely to be innovative. Additionally, they won’t feel like they are simply working, but rather working for a larger project. Therefore, treating your employees as leaders will not only bring out the best in them and help your company grow exponentially, but also develop a sense of loyalty to the company that has helped them grow.

Form a culture in your company where everyone is expected to lead even when they are not in a formal position of authority. Host leadership development meetings for everyone, as well as meetings just for upper level management. This will create a hunger in your employees for more leadership development and curiosity for the leadership development their managers are getting!

As a manager, you need to take risks and delegate! Let your employees grow as they begin to lead others in certain projects. Allow room for mistakes, but it’s important you guide them and make each “mistake” a lesson!

Events Outside the Office

Spending time with your employees outside allows them to get to know you and vice versa. This let’s them trust you more and build a genuine relationship with you. Did we mention statistics show this helps lower turn over rate? Hello, happy hour!

Ratner from Zappos states,”We can’t ask someone to wow a customer if they haven’t been wowed by us. In fact, Zappos is so eager to wow employees and make sure who they hire is really committed that the company offers people $3,000 after they’ve been trained to walk away if they feel they and Zappos aren’t a good fit.”

Company Culture

What makes some of the best companies so successful? Their urgency for leadership development.

They spend time and money in this because they see the huge value behind it. What value does an employee has if he is simply fulfilling the tasks you ask them to complete? Compared to an employee who is seeking for more.

More growth.

More success.

More development.

More creativity.

More happiness.

More influence.

Leadership development not only equips your employees with the skills they need to succeed in the work place, but they also motivate and encourage your employees to stop settling and start living to their full potential. Once you tell someone that they can do ANYTHING if they discipline themselves, the sky is the limit to the results you’ll see!

Can you imagine a company full of energy and motivation? Employees talking about the latest personal development book they read, everyone striving to be a better version of themselves, keeping a great work environment.