The best person for the job may never see your posting.

Most top candidates already have a job – and aren’t looking for a new one. But ISS can leverage our network of qualified mid- to upper-level professionals, even if they are currently employed. We’ll “sell” your opportunity to the candidates who best match your requirements, giving you access to the most desirable prospects.

Why waste time screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates? Put your search in the hands of a recruiting expert who can uncover the kind of skilled talent that can really make a difference to your organization.

We can help you hire top performers better, faster and more cost–effectively. And if you are not happy with your hire, let us know and we’ll replace the employee with a new candidate.

Don’t risk a bad hire.  Contact ISS today.

Positions we fill

  • Accounting
  • Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource
  • Sales Executives
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Marketing Associates