1. DO remember the interview starts before you get there.

Punctuality is key when looking for a job. Most employers want someone that is consistent, reliable, and responsible. Starting off your interview by being late might disqualify you before the interview has even started!

2. DON’T be unprofessional.

From your appearance to the way you talk about your past employers, always remember to be professional. You want to give the impression of a team player professional who would fit in and not be difficult to manage or work with.

3. DO research the company you are interviewing with.

This is perhaps one of the most important steps you must take when preparing for an interview. By researching the company, you will be able to show them why you would be a great fit for the company. This will also help you ask relevant questions during the interview and make a great impression with your interviewer!

4. DON’T bad mouth your old boss.

Even if you were under bad management, it will only make you look bad when speaking poorly of your old boss. Just focus on addressing it professionally and stating the positive effects of moving forward rather than the negative situations that made you leave.

5. DO ask questions.

When asked “Do you have any questions for me?” at the end of an interview, always make sure you do! This is your chance to use the research you did on the company and ask about the company’s role in the industry. Leave out any questions about how many vacation or sick days you will get.