1. Engaging All Employees

Emotional connection, involvement, and commitment all have to do with employee engagement. When employees feel valued, they become more dedicated and enthused with their job. There are numerous solutions on how to engage employees. When high levels of employee engagement with the business itself are partnered with observant and caring managers, all facets of your business increase. It allows for an increase in production, elevated customer satisfaction, and worker competency to be at an all-time high.

2. Fighting Unconscious Bias

The “advantage” of this system is that it saves us time and effort processing information about people, allowing us to spend more of our mental resources on other tasks. The clear disadvantage is that it can lead us to make assumptions about them and take action based on those biases. This results in a tendency to rely on stereotypes, even if we don’t consciously believe in them. No matter how unbiased we think we are, we may have subconscious negative opinions about people who are outside our own group.

3. Improving Essential People Training

This fully immersive training increases the retention of preventable techniques as well as bystander intervention. Many HR Managers are turning to VR-based sexual harassment training. As a result of the increase of interactive, fully immersive sexual harassment training, the number of sexual harassment cases will decrease. A current statistic shows that 98% of companies report having sexual harassment policies.

4. Expanding Our Concept of Wellness

Wellness programs in the workplace is a new and upcoming thing for a lot of companies. You can do a variety of things from incentives to volunteering. The main focus is for the company to embrace mental health wellness as a necessity for all employees. Well-being is an essential building block for a positive, engaging, and inclusive company culture and corporate wellness initiatives will continue to grow in 2019.

5. Streamlining HR Operations with AI

The new industrial revolution is all about artificial intelligence. Companies are increasingly leveraging AI technology to help identify data opportunities, improve internal workflows, and increase productivity. Embedding HR tools with machine learning will streamline HR processes and improve the employee experience.