If you’re like most job seekers, your goal is to find a permanent job. That’s understandable. Full-time work comes with benefits and perks that are not available for most temporary workers. The lure of job security, a long-term paycheck and paid time off are hard to resist.

Many companies turn to short-term workers when they have a big project or hit a busy time. They may not want to hire a full-time worker to fill a short-term business need, but they are willing to hire you to help them get through their busy period.

This is a common situation that job hunters face. Every year, businesses hire over 14 million temporary and contract workers, but you might be concerned that accepting one of these assignments will lead you to a dead end.

Yes, there has been a stigma associated with temporary work, but it’s time to set the record straight.

There are valid reasons for taking on a temporary job. Here are some of them:

You will earn a paycheck.

While you’re sitting around and lamenting the fact you can’t find a permanent job, your savings account is dwindling. A temporary position comes with a paycheck, often similar to what you would make full time. And you might even be eligible for some benefits and overtime pay. At the very least, you’ll save yourself from depleting your savings.

It could lead to a permanent role.

If you accept that short-term assignment, and do it well, there’s a chance the temporary job will turn into full-time employment. Companies prefer to hire from within when there’s an opening. There’s much less risk for them. They already know you’re an excellent worker and you’ll require less training than someone off the street. Make a positive impression, and you’ll find yourself at the head of the line when an opening arises.

You’ll avoid gaps in your job history.

Gaps on a resume aren’t always deal-breakers for employers, but you will have to explain them during a job interview. If you don’t have them, or they are relatively short, you’ll have nothing to explain. Temporary roles can fill the gaps and benefit your career in the long run.

You don’t have to stay.

Don’t worry about getting stuck in a temporary role when what you really want is a permanent one. As long as you give your company a minimum of two weeks’ notice, you’ll be able to move from one job to another.

The more notice you give, the more it will be appreciated, and your reputation will remain solid. The fact is, if you give your manager a heads-up early on that you are continuing to look for permanent work, there is less chance of hard feelings when you find something down the road.

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