A long weekend offers people the invaluable chance to unwind and recharge. Sometimes, it can be easy to take long weekends for granted and feel under-satisfied when they end. Check out these 10 ways you can maximize your long weekend leisure time:


1. Make time for family/friends

During the week, it can be hard to get quality time with those you care about most. A long weekend presents the opportunity to make up for time that may have been lost during the week. When we are committed to maintaining healthy relationships, it often leads to a more satisfying life.

2. Exercise

Being the best version of yourself requires the upmost care of both your physical and mental health. Staying active promotes both! Starting a day with exercise gives you more energy to get through the day. If you want to have a happy, energy-filled weekend  –  make time for exercise.

3. Take a trip

Whether it’s a trip to the backyard or somewhere a little further, getting away from the busyness of everyday is essential to maintaining a balanced life. While a ‘staycation’ offers the opportunity for a mental break, a short trip allows a new experience without too much planning. A long weekend could be your opportunity to see the world!

4. Get outside

Step outside, take in all that nature has to offer, and breathe some fresh air! Whether it’s work or school, after a long week inside, experiencing the great outdoors is extremely important.

5. Pursue a passion

A long weekend is the perfect time to dedicate attention to a favorite hobby, whether it’s shopping, cooking, painting or tennis. Making time for fun promotes balance! And when we live a life in balance, we often feel more fulfilled.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to unwind from a stressful week while still being productive. Many people find that donating their time and energy to others is very rewarding. Use the extra time this long weekend to make a difference!

7. Socialize

Humans have a strong desire for community with others. Get out, meet new people, and network! When we have quality interactions with other humans, it gives us the chance to create a new friendship. Be sure to take every social opportunity you get over this long weekend!

8. Disconnect

Ditch your devices! Taking a break from the phone, computer or TV can feel so liberating. Sometimes, we can become numb to our constant need for “noise”. Take a step back this long weekend and enjoy some silence. It’s a beautiful thing!

9. Reflect

Take some time over this long weekend to reflect on your life and the week that has passed. It’s important that we see the value in reflecting on our successes, failures and happiness. A long weekend is the perfect occasion to spend some time being thankful!

10. Recharge

Everyone needs time to rest and recharge – sometimes we forget this. While making plans and staying active over a long weekend is good, we shouldn’t neglect our sleep and free time. Recharging over the long weekend leaves us ready and excited to tackle the week ahead!