As I get more immersed in the work field, I’ve realized a lot of people have lost motivation. They graduate high school, go to college, and (most of the time) end up in a job they didn’t originally see themselves working in. Perhaps this is what leads to the disillusionment and, therefore, an average motivation to work. Therefore, we must recognize that how we view our current job will define our success. Often times though, I think we forget that


“It’s all about the journey, not the destination.”


Whether you’re a manager or a recent college graduate looking for your first “real” job, I think a lot of times we miss the big picture:

 It’s not where you are working at that will lead you to your “dream” job, it’s about who you are and how you work to develop you character as an employee.


We’ve all been guilty of thinking that once we have that ONE job, then we will be able to use all of our skills and talents to excel and help a company grow. What we often miss is that the job you have NOW is an essential stepping stone to achieving your goals- if you allow it to.


Make your current job be character-building.

When we start to focus on every detail of our job and come up with ways to be be better employees, you start to change the way you think. The point is not what you are doing, but the fact that you are training your mind to be in a constant state of personal growth. By examining yourself and constantly asking “How Can I Improve?”, you’re pushing your limits and overall growing as an employee, entrepreneur, and even in your personal life.


Setting Goals.

Even if you love your job, you should always be in the mentality of “GROWTH”.

Strive for excellence. Strive for Improvement. Strive for continuous growth.

Perhaps the best piece of advice I ever received was:

“Whatever you decide to do, be the best at it. But, remember that even if you get very good at your job, there is always room for innovation, creativity, and growth.”