“So, can you tell me what attracted you to our company?”

Are you prepared to answer this question during a job interview? All too often people jump at the bit once they know they have an interview. Some people only focus on dressing to impress. Try a different approach. Look into the company and do your research then focus on your dress to impress mentality.

It is imperative to research the company with whom you are interviewing so you can sell why you’d be a great fit. You can be spot-on with all other responses, but if it’s apparent you don’t know anything about the company, it is an immediate turn-off to a recruiter. Plus, how do you know you’re a qualified candidate for that position/company if you haven’t done your homework about the organization?

It isn’t necessary to memorize the entire profile of an organization, but it is smart to spend 30 minutes browsing their website. If the company has a website, look into their “About Us” link and it will give you the company bio. A business owner or CEO of a company will be impressed to know that you took the time to prepare and learn about their company.

There are few things that you have complete control over during the interview process; researching the company beforehand is one of them! Impress the recruiter with your knowledge, and hopefully increase your chances of landing the job!