Like most interpersonal interactions, job interviews can be quite subjective. However, some experts have investigated common interview mistakes when someone is seeking a job. Here are some mistakes you should try to avoid during the interview process.

Failing to Prepare– Being unprepared for an interview can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. Remember you are giving a first impression. It only takes a person ten seconds to make a bad impression. Make sure you do plenty of research on the company so you can impress the employer by knowing about the company. Also, make sure you practice with some mock questions to yourself. Be prepared to share your skills and how they are a good fit for the business. Besides, being more prepared may even help calm your nerves.

Not Being Punctual– Experts recommend arriving to your interview around ten minutes early. This can help you with two purposes. It shows that you are organized and reliable, and it also allows you to take some time to compose yourself before the interview. You may be tempted to arrive even earlier, but don’t. It may very well be an inconvenience for your interviewer.

Posting on Social Media About Your Interview – Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your potential new employer to see. Also, don’t tip your current employer off that you may be job hunting. Always represent yourself well.

Having Poor Body Language– Communication goes beyond words. It’s important to make eye contact while listening and speaking, offer a firm handshake and sit with good posture. Try not to channel your nervous energy into fidgeting.