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Brian Moffett – Current employee, ISS Supervisor at a pet food manufacturer

“I started with ISS in January of 2006. I left ISS to seek full-time employment. In June of 2007, the full-time job that I had obtained was downsized and I was laid off. Thinking of what to do, I went back to ISS and told them of my situation, and within a few short weeks, they had found me a job. I started working at a pet food manufacturer in June of 2007 in a warehouse position. In the months that followed, I had adapted very well to the job and the supervisor took notice of my hard work, attitude and overall work performance. A position had opened up for a production shift supervisor by the end of the year in which I put in for, was interviewed and obtained the job.

“Since then, I have gained a wide variety of skills, have become employee of the month for March 2008, had perfect attendance every quarter, developed key communication, writing, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. Also, I have become a role model to my peers. I am now in charge of numerous employees and scheduling changes, training all on production goals and assignments, all GMP guidelines, and communicating between client supervisors and on-site management on behalf of ISS. I take great pride in my job and satisfaction that consumers are getting a great quality of my work. It goes to say that hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed, and I have all Innovative Staff Solutions personnel to thank, especially to their on-site manager and operations manager, for me being part of a great organization and team environment.”

Tim Bailey – Current employee, ISS Supervisor at a pet food manufacturer

“On November 4, 2007, I started working with Innovative Staff Solutions after 14 years of management experience in retail. I was getting burnt out and looking for a change. In our area, jobs were not the easiest to come by, and the one plant that I was interested in (due to family members being employed there) was through ISS. After getting my interview, I felt that I had made the right choice. The professionalism that was applied through all aspects of the hiring process made me feel like I wasn’t just a body filling an open position. Also, through the orientation process I learned all that I needed to possibly make a career out of this decision that I had made.

“Since I started at the pet food manufacturer, I have done a little bit of everything. I started in the warehouse and have moved up to a red shirt supervisory position, and I will not be stopping there. The managers from ISS who I deal with on a daily basis are professional and very knowledgeable of all their surroundings. Because of the business that ISS has put forth, and the many options and second chances they give so many people each day, especially in these poor economical times we currently face, I THANK THEM; not just for my job, but the second chance at a career that I will be happy in.”

Cheryl Tucker – Current employee, ISS Supervisor at a pet food manufacturer

“I am impressed with Innovative Staff Solutions. I got my first job opportunity in 2005. ISS has put me through jobs quickly when one assignment has ended. My present job is with a pet food manufacturer. The on-site manager interviewed me and I started in June 2007. Since I’ve been working through ISS, I’ve advanced in my job. I went from a regular employee to back-up line lead, line lead, and then a red shirt (shift supervisor).

“ISS has many opportunities and advancements. The on-site manager has given me tremendous help in achieving some of these goals. Out of all of the jobs that I have had in the past, working with ISS at the pet food manufacturer has been the best. The management at ISS is always understanding, and gives that extra little push when needed. Thank you to ISS for the opportunities that you have given me. I know working for ISS that there are always opportunities and advancements. ISS opens many doors of employment for many people.”

Cody Craig – Innovative Staff Solutions Team Lead at a printing company

“My job here at a local printing company through Innovative Staff Solutions has been a great experience. I have been able to work with interesting people and learn new trades. The work at the printing company is very precise and very thorough. It is very interesting to learn about the printing process and business. It is also very nice to have a good-paying job at a time when our economy is at a stand still and it’s very tough to find employment. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be a part of the Innovative Staff Solutions team. Not to mention that the career agents at ISS are the friendliest in the business and will always do their best to help people that are in need of employment. This is why I chose to put my application in at ISS and why when anyone ever asks me about employment, I always refer them to Innovative Staff Solutions because of the experience that I’m getting.”

Brian Winnett – Former Employee, Full-time Hire with a pet food manufacturer

I began working for ISS in December of 2006 as a production worker. At the time, I was looking for an employer that could offer a full work week, as well as providing opportunities for advancement. As worked slowed in the spring of 2007, ISS offered me a position in the warehouse at a pet food manufacturer. Shortly after starting there, I had the opportunity to take a role as a production supervisor. This position required a large increase in responsibility, but also presented the opportunity to broaden my skills as an employee. Although somewhat skeptical, I embraced this transition and immediately loved my new job. Soon I was offered another position as a crew supervisor. Once again, taking on more responsibility, I found myself somewhat overwhelmed, but with the support of my colleagues as well as the on-site manager, I learned my new role and prospered in my new position. As I continued as a shift supervisor, I learned new aspects of being a leader as well as how demanding being a member of management was. There were times when the job was difficult, but with the commitment I made to my job, I received a lot of support from my team members, fellow supervisors, the management team, as well as ISS management. The on-site manager, in specific, guided me and helped me build the skills that were needed for this transition.

“In December of 2008, I was offered full-time employment with the pet food manufacturer. I was excited about this, yet knew I would miss those who helped me achieve this goal. When I started back in 2006, I never saw myself as being as successful as I ended up being, for this I am forever grateful to the management of ISS, including the on-site manager and the operations manager. I feel that I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, as well as building the camaraderie to call on these individuals in a time of need. I know that the skills that I have obtained from my time with ISS will benefit me and my family forever. I am proof that regardless of where you start, with hard work and determination, your goals can be achieved, and ISS provides the team environment that supports such growth.”