KEEP IT SIMPLE Over the past three years, the importance to move away from complex structures and simplify organizations has become clear. Not only it will help companies to be better equipped to face the challenges of the fast-paced markets, but it will also help employees to focus more on practical and rewarding tasks.

DO LESS, LEAD MORE HR and managers have increasingly become process designers. Leadership and management problems are simple by nature and what we as leaders need to do is use trial and error methods in our managing style. We do this by letting our employees make more decisions and accepting that they might not get it right the first time. Our ability to do less and lead more will make us better leaders.

MAKE TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR YOU Technology plays a massive part in our professional and personal lives, and that’s okay. What’s not ok is that we’ve gone head-over-heels in our relationships with our devices and tend to rely on them too much. It’s crucial that managers step up and learn how technology can re-enforce their technical expertise and leadership, but not at the expense of human capital. Some comprehensive leadership programs give you great ways to learn how to control optimization and process flow, and a reminder that your smartphone can only do so much for you.

JUST DO IT Rethink your company hierarchy. Human capital learns best by doing what they inherently know, and not always by regurgitating what they learned at business school. The principle is simple: Encourage a single employee, to act like an atom – the smallest particle of an element, making them aware that they also contain the same properties of the larger molecule (leadership).