Makes doing repetitive tasks easier.

It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have, we all have those repetitive weekly tasks that are incredibly time consuming and we could almost complete in auto pilot.

The good news?

Research has shown that listening to music while completing repetitive tasks can actually increase your productivity! Therefore, not only will you be completing your tasks faster, but you will get to enjoy your favorite tunes meanwhile.

Though some studies will argue that it’s not the music itself, but rather your increased mood, what helps your productivity, it is inevitable that your productivity will increase.

So whether you’re working on the line, on your feet, or in a desk all day long, be sure to include your favorite tunes in the background when completing repetitive tasks!

Have a noisy workplace? Music is the way to go!

Even though your boss may think that a pair of headphones=nothing gets done, studies show quite the opposite!

Specially if you work in an office with multiple cubicles, headphones may be the way to overcome all the noisy from your coworkers constant talk. Of course, you don’t want to shut the entire world off. When it comes to finishing certain tasks more quickly, or when your coworkers are being louder than usual, simply throw on the headphones! (If your boss allows them)

According to Gregory Ciotti, it’s been proven that music will not only improve your mood, but the consistent beat will help you shut off all the chatter your mind may want to eavesdrop on while writing that tedious report.

Learning a new task? Say yes to ambient music and no to music with lyrics.

Okay, so not all music will help you complete the tasks faster and more efficiently. For example, if you are writing a presentation, which will obvious require a lot of brainstorming, then it is recommended you listen to ambient music rather than music with lyrics. Songs with lyrics may distract your brain. On the other hand, instrumental songs will help you stay focused on that one task.

According to this research, the volume in which you listen to your music will also influence greatly on your productivity. A medium volume will help you be more creative and stay alert, but anything below or above the “medium” level can have unwanted effects.

Familiarity is best for focus.

When looking for the perfect playlist or album to accompany you while you complete your tasks, it is best you don’t choose that new record by your favorite artists. Instead, look for music you are very familiar with.

Why? Your brain is more likely going to listen to the lyrics of the song (and therefore get distracted) if the music is unfamiliar to you. On the other hand, when you play music that your brain recognizes, it simply becomes “background music” that helps you stay focused.