The only way manufacturers can stay ahead of competitors and win market share in today’s quickly morphing environment is to embrace change. Those who wish to thrive and not just survive are leveraging the latest in growth-inducing Industry 4.0 technologies. Here are some trends that will help to dominate manufacturing.

Intelligent Manufacturing — Manufacturing is always changing. But in the simplest sense, it can be defined as a large-scale integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing technology and processes. Intelligent manufacturing serves to help companies optimize organizational systems, improve product quality, increase the efficient allocation of resources and positively impact customer service.

Data Utilization — Being able to simply manage the mounds of data generated by manufacturing processes is not enough anymore. Companies need to go beyond efficiently storing information and consider how best to go about using it to gain insights into their businesses and make actionable and informed decisions about their future.

The Internet of Things (IoT) — The marriage of networked sensors and intelligent devices with connected equipment on the manufacturing plant floor has been one of the most impactful and transformative trends the industry has seen in quite some time. The ever-developing Internet of Things has not only turned traditional supply chains into interconnected and dynamic systems, it has:

  • Fundamentally change the way in which products are made
  • Increased organizational efficiency
  • Improved organizational safety
  • Reduced organizational costs and complexity

Artificial Intelligence — Artificial intelligence is everywhere, so it comes as no surprise that it’s beginning to be incorporated more and more info manufacturing. In the near future, manufacturing facilities will evolve into connected networks of people and machines with supply chain assets, design teams, production and quality control, all integrated into a highly intelligent engine that monitors everything and provides actionable data and insights.