It’s no secret to all of us that this winter will be just as crazy -if not worse- than last winter. However, it’s already mid-November and the temperatures keep fluctuating from wind chill of -9F to a high of 51F.

What do all of these weather changes mean to you? It means that if you don’t have a strong immune system, chances are that you will suffer quite a few sick days this fall & winter. This could result in a number of set-backs at work during your busy season.

Therefore, don’t procrastinate and ensure your optimum health this season by adapting the foods below in your diet! It’s incredible how many natural foods are packed with antioxidants.

Besides layering up, sleeping 7-9 hours/day, and exercising weekly, there are certain foods you should include in your diet to strengthen your immune system! Include as many as you can, but at least 2-3 of them daily.

1. Green Tea (Antioxidants)

2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Antioxidants)

3. Sweet Potatoes (Beta- Carotene)

4. Grapefruit (Vitamin C)

5. Almonds (Omega 3)

6. Salmon (Selenium)

7. Yogurt (Probiotics)

8. Blueberry/Raspberry/Spinach Smoothie