There are many important qualities needed to advance in your career. For example, dedication, punctuality, consistency, training, and personal development. However, there is one thing that most people who aren’t advancing in their careers are missing: Going the extra mile. 

People are so preoccupied with earning XXX,XXX per year and how to get there rather than actually taking ownership of their company. I believe that is where the real success lies. If you take ownership of the company you work for, you will constantly be thinking in terms of productivity and how you can help that company improve and grow.

Why? It’s simple: You treat it as if you were the owner.

If you start treating the company you are in now as if it were your own, you will behave the way you would want your employees to behave when you are the boss. Even if you don’t end up establishing your own company, changing your mindset will change you as an employee. Therefore, people will admire your work ethic and you’ll be respected by the people you manage as you grow.

Even if you think no one can see the extra mile you are doing today, if you go the extra mile every day, your boss will most definitely notice the 5 extra miles by the end of the week. The improvement in your department and the efficiency will be hard to overlook. Even if they don’t recognize it at the end of the week, they will hold you in high regard.

Overall, I’ve noticed one pattern: people lack motivation when they first start their career. It’s important to realize that everyone starts somewhere but if you would only change the way you think and strive to be the best at your job, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

The best part? Going the extra mile will mostly benefit you. Even if it directly helps the company you are in, ultimately it is molding your character.

It is teaching you to be innovative.

Think outside the box.

Be productive.

Take ownership.


So next time you find yourself not doing anything at work because “we’re not busy”, find something to do. Whether it’s researching about your competitors, watching a seminar for personal development, sending thank you notes to your customers, or even helping a co-worker get caught up – do it. Your future self will thank you for it.