1. Organize Yourself

The key to being more organized is to know how to prioritize. It’s easy to lose focus and spend a lot of time on things that are urgent, but not important. Therefore, make sure you look at all of your projects and place them on a to-do list in order of importance. After you’ve arranged your projects, list all of the things you have to do like calling a certain prospect, restocking a product, placing an order, etc. Sometimes, we get caught up in the bigger projects and forget about the minor details.

2. Organize Your Desk

Many people underestimate the power of having an organized desk. Many studies have shown that the space you work in (or live in, for that matter)  affects your overall thought process and mood. A clear, organized work space will not only save you time, but also help you start your work day with a clear mind!

Additionally, try to personalize your work space!

3. Organize Your Incoming Info

Many e-mail programs give you the opportunity to create folders, and that is something that you should definitely be using to your advantage! We get it- you get SO many emails a day that you don’t really have the time to read all of them. Therefore, use these folders to help you organize your incoming information!

4. Organize Your Storage

Many managers make the mistake of not organizing their files/storage. I’ve found many of my coworkers have gained great advantage from cleaning out their files cabinet every quarter or semiannually. If your company requires you to keep all information, then simply get a different file cabinet where you can store all of the past files and make room for the new ones. Furthermore, using color-coded files may save you a lot of time! For example, if your red files are all of your statistics- you can easily pull out any data you may need in the future without needing to spend hours hunting down that file.

5. Organize Your Team

This step is crucial. If your team doesn’t feel like they have structure or are simply located in the wrong job- you could be missing out on really maximizing your team! Make them feel appreciated, and every once in a while, ask them how they are currently feeling in their position. Help them tackle their challenges! Not only will they feel taken care of, but they will be more motivated to grow in the company.

Besides, what’s better than helping your team members grow and see how they develop into great leaders?