Our team makes a difference. Our team deeply cares about their community. Our team is unique.

We pride ourselves in truly having the best people on our team. They never fail to go the extra mile for both our clients and employees. From creating a personal relationship with our employees to finding creative ways to recruit for a client that has a large need for employees – our team cares. Our company focuses on personal development and consistently trains our team to be the best leaders because we believe the best people become the best employees and ultimately, the best community leaders. Are you ready to be a part of something greater?

Community Impact

We believe that as business leaders, we are responsible for giving back to the communities we serve. Our team is community-focused and we are very proud to share that we have established a goal of completing 25,000 hours of community impact by 2020.

Thoughts by Our Team

Describe ISS in one word.

Describe your favorite memory while working for ISS.

What advice do you have for someone starting out with ISS?

What’s your favorite part about working for ISS?


Shana Gilbertson

“I was so excited when I received the call that I got the job to work as the Office Coordinator at the Peru branch. I decided to look for employment when working at a job that just was not living up to my standards. I needed something more. ISS was the something more. I have found my home. From my very first day to now, I have always felt welcomed. Everyone truly cares about each other. This company is not just a company, it’s a family. I actually like going to work every morning because I know I will enjoy it and I have people around me that care. ISS is a great place to work at and I’m excited to continue my journey with ISS.”

Career Agent 
Leslie Partlow

“When I applied for a position with ISS I was not very familiar with the company. I was fortunate enough to be offered a position and I have loved working here since day one. All of the staff was very welcoming and helpful. It is a family-owned business and very family-oriented which can be hard to find these days. They are 100% focused on taking care of their employees, clients and customers. If something isn’t working then they make it their top priority to figure out what needs to be done. This isn’t a “temp agency”, this is a company that strives to improve the lives of all that they work with.”

Project Manager 
Jennifer Parker

“Five months ago I started working with Innovative Staff Solutions at our Effingham Branch. During my new hire training I quickly learned what set us apart from the rest; our passion for the process!! Immediately I realized the owners and management team bleed the core values of the company. Each and every day I am motivated and pushed to do better than last and celebrate each success. I feel very blessed to be able to work in a position that I truly enjoy each day.”

Business Development Manager 

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