1. Choose a Few Conversation Starters 

Whether it’s your favorite Helen Keller quote, your latest trip to Europe, or showing how much of a Cardinals fan you are, be sure to bring out your personality without overdoing it. Personalizing your workspace will make people comment on objects or pictures in your office, making them great ice breakers when interviewing or meeting with a prospect!2.

2. Add a Dash of Color

Choose your favorite color or pattern to add some life to your workspace! You can choose a pop-color picture frame, mouse pad, or even your bookshelf! Remember: it’s only a dash of color. Don’t over do it by making multiple items in your workspace different colors. Keep it lively, Keep it professional!

3. Use Common Sense

Of course, choosing how to decorate your workspace will have a lot to do with your realm of business and position. If you consistently interview people and have prospects coming in to your office, you might want to keep it simple. On the other hand, if you’re the Creative Director for a company, you definitely want to showcase your creativity in your workspace. Overall, personalize your workspace while taking into account the people you deal with on a daily basis!


Need help? Get inspired with some of our favorite workspaces below!

For the ladies:






Photos via http://www.stylemethrifty.com/2013/11/17/cubicle-decor-ideas/

For the Gentlemen:


Photo via http://fashionstudiointl.wix.com/studiomode


Photo via http://www.flohomedesign.com/wonderful-home-office-ideas-for-men/amazing-modern-minimalist-gray-home-office-ideas-for-men/